Lee Cameron

Lee Cameron's Bio


I've been in radio since 1970. I've worked in markets as small as Manchester, Georgia to markets as large as Charlotte, North Carolina and Atlanta, Georgia. I've even worked at several television stations (ABC, CBS, and NBC affiliates and one independent station), mostly in the production department, master control, and as Operations Manager; and I've written and been the Editor of a couple of Newspapers.
My interest in the media came early. I was among several students tapped to work with the Walter Hines Page High School Newspaper while in high school in Greensboro, North Carolina, but before I could start, I began working at the "Carolina Peacemaker", a local African-American monthly paper, which made me ineligible to work with the school's paper.
In my long career in media, I've learned my first love has been radio and I've worked every format known to man. I also produce radio shows on several Internet radio stations and I do voice-imaging for a couple of other stations as well. My second love--career-wise is commercial and long form narrations. I have a professional recording studio at home and I've narrated several religious and historical documents and periodicals.
Total or complete retirement is out of the question for me! I plan to increase my involvement in long-form narrations.
Personal Life:
Christine and I have been married for almost 25 years. We have two sons; Christopher and Eric. It's true that all couples have issues and don't always get along, but neither of us can recall when we've ever had a disagreeance over money, or anything like that. However, we do differ on our ideas about parenting. She's the merciful, more forgiving partner and I'm the stricter partner. I believe your actions have consequences. All-in-all, I think this balance between the two of us as life-partners has helped Chris and Eric grow up to become productive members of society.